Spring 2020 Resumption Of Play

Post Covid-19

UpdatedTuesday June 2, 2020 byDavid Quevedo.


Hello all and we are excited to announce that we are being allowed to finish our season, we want you to know that it is voluntary to come back and do not feel obligated to come back to finish the Spring. We do not want to force you into a situation you are uncomfortable or just don't feel safe in. Little League has outlined some guidelines that if you are coming back we need you to review and understand these guidelines. There is a good chance that if Covid 19 continues we may have to heed these guidelines in the Fall. We are convinced that if everyone abides by these guidelines it will be a safe environment for all who want to participate. Get the guidelines at our Downloadable Forms page http://www.apopkalittleleague.org/site/ClientSite/article/459891

In the next few days we will release the schedules for practices only. The reason is to see how many players are willing to begin playing again. If some of the teams don't have enough to form a team their players will be placed on teams by the Player Agent. Listed below are some of the guidelines that will be enforced to finish out the season.

All schedules will be balanced out to make sure all teams play a minimum of 12 games according to Little League Inc.

 If any games are rained out they will be moved to the end of the season.

We will have an in house tournament at the end for Top Team for Minor A and above for Baseball and Softball.

Tball will receive medals.

Each team will have at least 2 practices a week and once the games begin you will not be scheduled to practice anymore

Practices will start on June 8 and games will begin on June 22.

All games will be played during the week with no Saturday Games.

Some teams will play 2 games a week. 

Pictures will be in the office available for pick up starting the 8th. Only the Team Parent, Manager, or Coach can pick up the photos. If the Team Parent is not coming back please ensure a Coach comes in to pick up the photos for the entire team. The Team Parent or Coach will distribute the photos to the parents. If the parents have an issue with the photos have them contact RQD Photos directly by the email on their form. rqdpotos@rocketmail.com. If a player did not come back to finish the season return the photos to the office for RQD to handle those issues.

We need you to all settle your candy fundraiser accounts the week of June 8th.

Listed below are some guidelines to keep all safe 

  1. Only Managers, Coaches and approved Team Parents are allowed in the Dugouts and playing field this includes practices.
  2. You are no longer to set chairs in the Bullpen area, because that area will become part of the dugout for players to give teams more space. Both Practices and Games
  3. A board member will be present at all practices and games
  4. The concession stand will be closed and will be closed until further notice. You should make sure your child has plenty of fluids and snacks for practice and games.
  5. Each parent needs to make sure that their player has a bottle of hand sanitizer with them at all times to use as needed.
  6. If your practice is at 5:30 you need to use the First Base Dugout entering and leaving.
  7. If your practice is at 7:00 you need to use the Third Base Dugout entering.
  8. Make sure you keep the players in small groups.

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