Frequently Asked Questions

UpdatedSaturday August 18, 2018 byDavid Quevedo.


Why should I register online?

  • We will have live registration dates, where people will come in to register online through our computers. This is for people that don't have web access, or can only pay in cash or charge. If you have web access and no debit or cc we suggest you purchase a cash card and complete the process from your home. The lines will be long and we want to make these live dates for our participants who dont have web access to reduce the length of the lines for everyone. Price of registration is 130 until January 25th, from Jan 26th to Feb 20th the fee goes up to 140. The sibling 5 dollar discount is in effect online. If you come into a live registration we will have you log in to register through one of our computers

New Coach Pitch Divisions?

  • We renamed the Coach Pitch to Single A and and we are doing away with machine pitch and named that level Double A. Where it will be a combination of kid and coach pitch. Single A is for the kids coming out of Tee Ball but if you have a choice and your son is a advanced player you can choose Double A. Either way at the tryout whatever you choose it may be suggested he play up or down depending on his skill level. Triple A is what used to be refferred to as Minors. One goal is to get more kids prepared to pitch before they get to Triple A. In addition the machine pitch was not helping their hitting when it came to live kid pitch. So, we hope to see an improvement both in the hitting and pitching areas before they get to Triple A.

How to become a volunteer

  • When creating your user accounts you have the opportunity to list yourself as a manager, coach, or volunteer and in what role. What this does is gives us the heads up you are willing to help. But, we still need you to fill out the Little League volunteer form and go through the badge process through the city of Apopka. Eventually we will need our Umpires to register an account as well once we go live with Umpire assignments. But it is necessary for EVERYONE that wants to volunteer to be registered within the system. The main advantage is being able to utilize our powerful communication tools!!

Where Are The Fields 

  • If you click on our locations tab there is Googlemaps links to each of the fields we play at, as well as downloadable Field Maps explaining where the offices and fields all are on the complex itself